Healthcare budgets are changing dramatically across the world as approaches to medical infrastructure and spend vary considerably per country. Our experience and knowledge here has proven to be of value to many of our clients

We keep a close eye on how the increase in chronic conditions and longevity are making governments review their health policies, as well as keeping a watching brief on how market conditions are putting restraints on funding

Our Reach

Our experience spans the globe. One of our key strengths lie in the emerging markets as well as the newly developing countries

Respondent Types

We are aware of the varied roles respondents have as well as their responsibilities, especially at high level and we keep you updated of these changes, particularly with the shifting face of pharma and global economies



We Cover:

National and Regional Payers
Decision maker who sets priorities based on health costs and has the authority to make decisions best practice
Advisors who sit on committees advising the payers on what they feel is best practice based on review of the care model
Key Opinion Leaders
Consultants who review guidelines and have been lead physicians in clinical trials to provide their professional views or nominated as guiding voice in the field by their peers
Senior physicians with a minimum number of years of experience in their professional field
Primary and Secondary Care Physicians and Nurses
Primary care covers general practice, specialists are defined as secondary care
Community and hospital-based
Patients and their Caregivers
Those suffering or caring for loved ones with chronic or acute conditions