Nurses – recruiting and interviewing 50 nurses managing ostomy/ ttoma patients for quarterly wave with same respondents.
Patients – recruiting and interviewing 40 ostomy patients who had their ostomy/ Stoma surgery in the past 12 months: the split required per Quota was 20 patients answering 0 to 3 months and 20 patients answering 4 to 12 months

Markets – UK only

Online quant study, 30 min LOI for both

Logistical and Operational Challenges faced:
Nurses – couldn’t contact Nurses from previous waves, universe small, and had a restriction of 2 completes per hospital. Worked through Referrals and directly contacting the relevant wards across the hospitals in the country.

Client’s programming mistakes were discovered 75% of our way into the fieldwork, had to re-contact all completes up to that point with no extension in timelines.

Patients – those who had their surgery 0 to 3 months ago were the most challenging and low incidence group as they had recently had surgery and most were still in hospitals. Referrals from Patients and Patient Associations; and more successfully nurses spreading the word and flyers amongst the in-ward patients. Managed interviews for this group exclusively as Phone to Web (and not Online) and over multiple sittings as patients unable to be on the phone for 30 – 40 min.

Solutions/ Learning and from the project: Referrals help, flexibility in methodology required depending on the target group.
Feedback from the clients and respondents – Nurses: clients were happy as despite the restrictions, the real achievement was that the numbers were completed within the required fieldwork time.  
Patients – the required numbers were achieved despite the very hard to reach quota group