To recruit and interview Operating Room Nurses about Surgical Sealants

25 Operating Room Nurses who have experience using a specific surgical sealant

Markets – UK  

Online quant study, 25 min LOI

Logistical and Operational Challenges faced:
Initial quotas were Operating Room Nurses as per clients’ request. Through speaking with a couple of these Nurses we found that Surgical Ward Nurses were involved in Sealants as well so we included them as well for target audience.
The survey was very American and not applicable to UK. For example Job titles, sealant names etc being used in the final survey were American terminologies - based on some primary research with some Nurses we had them changed to suit UK
Very low IR as the nurses hadn’t heard of or ever used the specific sealant that the clients wanted to research about; so quota introduced such that clients were ok to get some non-users as well as their views were then considered to be important to understand the non-usage of the specific sealant.

Suggested to the clients to field a more open screener to a larger sample, with minimal screening requirements, with enough open-ends for the respondents to fill in bits of relevant information can be helpful as results and responses can then be used to finalize the screener for the actual survey – much of which they took on board and modified the screener accordingly

Issues in the Online Surveys, handheld clients through testing and with suggestions

Universe of Nurses was small, had a high refusal rate as these Nurses aren’t used to MR studies – referrals and speaking on the phone (personal approach) helped instead of emailing first

These Nurses spend most of their working time in the Operation Theatres and are therefore harder to reach – so recruiter modified work timings to work in the evenings and in some cases also conduct interviews on the w/e

Solutions/ Learning and from the project – good idea to run Pilots for these type of studies
Feedback from the clients and respondents – the clients were very appreciative of the feedback, communication and proactive management; we were able to get the required 25 completes – the clients were very relieved and grateful!