Objective: The research focused on understanding patients with Thrombocytopenia derived from either Acute Myeloid Leukaemia or Myelodysplastic Syndrome. We also interviewed their carers. 


UK – 4 patients and 1-2 carers, USA – 15 patients and 5 carers, Italy – 6 patients and 3 carers, Germany – 6 patients and 3 carers



Patients had to compile a diary prior to their in-home interviews. Caregivers were also interviewed. They described their journey through the disease, their emotions, the impact of the disease in their lives, their environment, by using written texts, drawings, photographs and magazine cuttings.


These were patients suffering from a combination of very serious conditions. They are extremely rare and difficult to find, and often not willing to participate for obvious reasons.

Solutions and Outcome

We completed all aspects of the study, yielding data that was more robust, more direct, and more clearly on-target in line with the client’s objectives.