Objective: To talk to students about the job market they will face, how the images of certain industry sectors and companies will influence their career path and to understand what they see as some of the key challenges and opportunities as they enter their career path.  


UK – London, Germany – Berlin, Brazil – Sao Paulo, China – Shanghai, India – Mumbai, Russia – Moscow



Focus Group Discussions in central location , x20 respondents split in 2 x 120 minutes of 10 respondents each per market. One group consisted of Graduate and Postgraduate students (BA, MA, PhD) and the other group with MBA students.

Understanding the varied educational systems and how the cultural differences impact on the expectations of the students in the different countries: how they see their potential employers, what they expect from them and from the job market, what they are looking for in their future careers, their attitudes towards work and life in general.

Solutions and Outcome
We were able to overcome this information gap through our in-depth knowledge of the local markets, streamlining the recruitment methodology and client’s expectations to better fit within the context of each market.