Objective: The study focused on hip replacement surgery with the aim to obtain approximate values for the health services typically received by the patients for the 3 phases: screening for the need of surgery, in-patients admission for surgery and rehabilitation following discharge.  

India, Russia and China

1 hour face to face interview and transcript with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Russia and China. 1 hour face to face interviews with Orthopaedic Surgeons and Heads of Administrations or billing dept from 8 hospitals in India, 6 in Russia and 10 in China and one summary report per hospital. Our client opted for an extremely lengthy process monitored through weekly conference calls over one year.

The main challenge encountered with this study was trying to achieve the results without divulging the reason for the study considering the level of media attention which was already out there.

The key issue with the study had been to ascertain if there were any SME similar to ones in Westernised markets and whether they would have an understanding of the healthcare systems in their country. What became apparent pretty quickly was that these countries did not have SME’s as defined but there were still SME’s available to help with understanding the market. Once the SME interviews were completed, they to be re-contacted to get additional information based on their initial responses. Once responses had been received, the main questionnaire had to be developed for the main stage of the study.

The key challenge faced was interviewing respondents who had all the information from each hospital targeted, meaning the interviews had to be done through more than one respondent per hospital. The health structures across the different countries led interviews having to be conducted across different hospital types and across different cities. In India prices varied hugely as all hospitals were private hospitals and a number priced for healthcare tourism to maximise revenue, therefore had a number of queries after date. On the contrary, in China prices were fixed for most items with no minimum and maximum prices.

It was a very successful project, we managed to reach the quota and get the required data in all 3 markets. All data and information obtained were carefully verified using additional sources in each market. The client was very satisfied with the overall results.